Where Are You Going?

Are You On Track In Your Life?

This is such a simple question but one that has many possible meanings and answers.  

Where Are You Going In Your Life?

Many of us never really consider that we have the power to make our lives go where we want it to go.  

Most people just ‘go with the flow’ allowing convention, marketing, societal pressures and things that others choose for them, to create the journey of their lives.  

Asking some simple questions and digging deeply for the answers that make you excited, or happy or even a bit nervous is key to taking hold of the controls of your life instead of floating along doing what is expected of you.

The analogy of a train for this process is quite fitting – you can join and leave a train journey whenever you want.  Most people however, get on (or are put on) and get off at the same place every day.  

Imagine if you joined your regular commuter train at an earlier station and
you departed that train at an earlier station just to see what would happen. 

  • You might find that you are able to fit in a 15 minute walk on the way to catch the train.  
  • You would certainly see different things out the window.  
  • Perhaps even different people in the seats around you.
  • You may even end up striking up conversations you might never have had.

If life is like a train journey, where is your train heading?  

Do you even really know?  Have you consciously chosen your journey?  

By being aware of your daily choices, the power of small adjustments, the value in planning and in understanding what you want – you can transform your experience and begin to have more of the life you want than you may believe possible.

Let’s just look at a common activity and the mindset needed to make it work well.  

The majority of people do not think twice on spending money for a holiday.
They plan their trip, know where they want to go and even research, plan and sometime book the things, events, locations they want to experience.  
They create the exact experience, to give them the feeling they need from a holiday.

Life is no different.

It is of more importance to know where you are heading in your Life,  than on a holiday but most people don’t realise they can do for their lives what they routinely do for a holiday.

However, it is more than that.

Armed with a plan, including goals with deadlines, you arm yourself with steps to keep yourself engaged, growing and fulfilled in the process of creating your life.  Putting in place the building blocks that will yield the experiences, the feelings and the things you want for yourself and those that matter to you.

Invest Up Front for your Life... As You do for a Holiday!

It Is That Simple

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

You Can Choose Your Journey

Every person has their own journey through life, and each one is unique.  This is YOUR journey and the biggest secret that so many people never discover or really appreciate is that you get to choose the what, the where, the why and how the of your journey.  

There are some basic processes we must go through in order to be the designers of our journey and I'd love to show you one right now that is vital.  I can help guide you through some of the important questions we must all answer as we Choose our Journey through Life.

First - Get Some Clarity

Clarity is skill you can learn and master.  
Yes, sometimes it comes unexpectedly, but that doesn’t mean we need to wait for it.  

We can generate Clarity by doing the necessary questioning and refining our answers until that moment when Clarity strikes and we know that we have the answer that is right for us.

Choose your Journey.
In that context think, talk and write about some of the hardest questions we ever need to ask ourselves.

  • What is the Why In Your Life?
  • Who are You, really?
  • What is it that you want?
  • Do you have a plan to get there?
  • What has meaning for you in Life?
  • What gives you fulfilment?

Successful people have these answers.

  • They know who they are. They know what they value, they know what their strengths & weaknesses are.
  • They know their goals, with stated deadlines and they have a plan.

With a little guidance, a bit of time and some effort, you can know these answers for yourself and use them to Choose Your Own Journey.

Those who ‘get it’, who understand these questions and know the answers that resonate for them.  They know their value, know who they are and are aware of their strengths and their weaknesses.

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You are the engineer of your life

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